frankie exclusive diy: oversized pocket scarf

by danielle altamura


Keep your neck and hands warm all winter long with this stylish and practical pocket scarf. Super long so you can get those extra couple of wraps to shield your face from the wind, and finished with handy dandy pockets at each end. Your hands will stay toasty even on the most freezing of winter days.


All you will need are two regular-sized woolly scarves, with tasselled ends (I got mine from my local department store), and a needle and thread in the same colour as your scarves.



1. Take your first scarf and fold up the end (along the short edge) around 1 inch and pin into place.


2. Sew along the edge, using a series of equally-spaced diagonal stitches, looping the thread back around the edge of the fabric as you go. Once you have secured both sides, make a couple of small stitches/knots in between every second tassel to secure to keep the end from rolling back up.


4. Starting from the new edge you just made, fold the end of the scarf up again to make the pocket area. You want to keep your first fold on the outside, so that the tassels are still visible. The size of your pocket will vary depending on how big you want it, but it should be about the length of your hand.


5. Pin into place and sew along both edges using the same stitching technique as before. Repeat steps 1 - 5 on one end of your second scarf, so that one end of each scarf now has a pocket.


6. Take the unaltered ends of both scarves and carefully snip away the tassels. If the tassels are individually knotted, cut from above the knot so that it remains on the scarf, keeping the end together.


7. Lay both scarves along a table or flat surface with the two cut ends lined up and the new pockets both facing inwards (against each other). Using the same stitching method as before, sew along the two cut ends attaching both scarves into one extra-long scarf.


Cut away any loose threads that may be hanging around and you're good to go. Bundle your new scarf around your neck and stay toasty and warm all winter long. As an added bonus, you now have an easily accessible hiding place for your favourite Chap Stick and mobile phone. Talk about dual purpose fashion!

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