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the lucky dip club

Remember the thrill of the lucky dip? Thrusting your hand into the great unknown (aka a large glass jar that once held dill pickles) and coming out with some kind of surprise doodad to pop proudly on your shelf. It was exciting, perilous, and sometimes downright disappointing, but always managed to make us feel like we were nabbing something for nix.

The Lucky Dip Club carries with it the same sense of anticipation, but with far less risk of bagging a dud. Thought up by London lady Leona Thrift-ola, it involves surprise boxes rocking up on your doorstep each month, chock full of pretty bits and bobs. (Now that's a club we'd love to be part of.)

Every hamper contains a piece of handmade jewellery, some stationery, an ace accessory, a DIY kit and two more thoughtful tokens, including one item personalised just for you. Woohoo! And with the theme of the box changing month-by-month, you're always guaranteed a surprise.

Orders are open from the 1st to the 7th of each month, so if you're keen to check out what August has in store, pop by the Lucky Dip Club website and sign yourself up.

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