some very foodie potholders

Baking can be quite a suspenseful activity: has your cake risen perfectly or flopped like a sunken, volcano-looking pancake? Have your cookies spread symmetrically or smooshed into one whopping bikkie slab? (We'll eat it anyway, to be honest; we're not that picky.) In the excitement of finally being able to grab your baked goods from the oven and check on their structural integrity, it's easy to scorch a finger or cop a burn to the wrist. These bright and foodie potholders are a little like a CAUTION sign for your kitchen, reminding you to protect your mitts before you dive on in – and the fact that they're just plain cute doesn't hurt too much, either.

Have a gander at the full range, including fried eggs, kiwi and a range of citrus fruits, over here.

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