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Stationery shopping can be a daunting experience; we can’t count the number of times we’ve gone into Officeworks for one thing, and come out with 16 others we didn’t need. It’s okay to be crap at some things (eg. self-restraint in the stationery aisles), so why not surrender all your power and let someone else with impeccable taste and a wee bit more self-control do the choosing for you?

Papergang is a new monthly subscription plan from the folks at Ohh Deer that involves a box full of awesome stationery – from rulers to notebooks, cutesy clips and tape – being delivered directly to your door. Hooray! Sweet, convenient and (from the sounds of it) reasonably priced, the whole shebang isn’t quite off the ground yet, but you can sign up here to be kept in the loop when it does launch very soon.

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