frankie stocking stuffers - jo walker

Holy moly, frankie folks. We don’t mean to alarm you, but it’s six measly weeks until we’ll be decking the halls with Nanna’s boozy pudding and rocking around the little drummer boy, which means you’d best start writing your Christmas lists, stat.

At frankie HQ we’ve whacked together another round of Chrissie nice-to-haves, and we’re starting off the festivities with our excellent editor, Jo Walker.

jo wishlist

1. In case I require a reminder of where I am, this lovely felt pennant from Penelope Durston could be helpful.

2. How comfy does this dress from Femkit look? Answer: pretty dang comfy.

3. I am happy for Santa’s elves to outsource production to Naomi Murrell for these ridiculously pretty earrings.

4. Yes, please. I would like an upside down head pot. For obvious reasons.

5. There has to be at least one toiletry item in every Christmas stocking, doesn’t there? This MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion seems like good clean fun.

6. My New Year’s Resolution every year is to somehow cultivate plants and not kill them. Hopefully this triangular plant holder from Plant by Packwood will help in 2016.

7. It’s good to count your blessings at the end of the year, isn’t it? And this year I can do that while devoutly burning this Saint Nick Cave prayer candle.

8. This tea towel makes me laugh every time I look at it. Plus, it’s red and green for extra Yuletide cheer points.

9. If I have been very good, perhaps I will end up with a pair of these cheetah-print lace-ups from Radical Yes. They are rather cute.

10. Josh Homme is my all-time Christmas pin-up. (Seriously, google “Josh Homme ugly Christmas sweater” – it’s a treat.) This year I will be paying Homme-age with a slightly naughty seasonal QOTSA tee.

11. Some days I am probably 90% black coffee. If Santa dropped this t-shirt out the back of his sleigh, I would not be disappointed.

12. I have CHEERFUL HOLIDAY places to go, so I’ll need a CHEERFUL HOLIDAY bag to take with me, of course.

13. These skull moth cardigan clips remind me a bit of the movie poster for Silence of the Lambs. And as we know, nothing says holiday cheer like Hannibal Lecter.

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