the something fine project

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Trying to play it cool as you fumbled with your words, and feeling like you wanted to smoosh your face against their face as often as possible? Or maybe your mum was the first to nab your heart, in the midst of feeding you, clothing you and, oh, bringing you into the world. Those ooey-gooey feelings of affection for another come to us all at a different place and time, and the Something Fine Project does its best to shine a light on the uniqueness of each experience.

Started by Melbourne lass Karys McEwen and inspired by "the whimsical, overwhelming, awkward and agonising feelings conjured by first love", the project opens the doors to creative folk to explain their loved up encounters - via photos, illustrations, poetry, or even a hand-penned tune. The result is a curious mix of emotions, from bursting with warmth and happiness to being rather blue. To make your own contribution or browse the archive, head here.

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