sketchbook project

by georgia frances king

Remember how we ran our little sketchbook project last year where we sent out journals for you to pretty up? Well this is the massive, even more awesome version. For just $25 US you can get The Sketchbook Project to send you out a book, you choose a theme (such as 'forever in a nutshell', 'it's winter where you are' or even 'sandwiches), fill it full of your creativity, and send it back. They will be collected from all around the world and then toured in an exhibition across America, Canada, the UK and Melbourne! After clocking up some miles they will wind up at The Brooklyn Art Library in their permanent collection, bar-coded and available for the world to see. That's the raddest thing you've heard all week, right? You have until October 31st to apply to receive a sketchbook, complete it by January 31st and then it'll be off to tour the world. Kind of makes you wish you were a notebook.

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