hannah cutts' hoarding art exhibition

by georgia frances king

Illustrator, award-winning designer and artist Hannah Cutt is a hoarder who is inserting some artistic expression into her expansive collection of crap. Because that really is what she uses in her art - not the beautiful leftover craft supplies she had as a kid or lengths of vintage fabric, oh no. We're talking discarded biycle seats, ripped-up linoleum from when she renovated her Queenslander a few years back, fishing buoys, tap heads...

For many years she has been collecting these pieces, and she has finally turned them into a pretty rad exhibition, Look What I Found. Hannah makes mounted stag heads from antlers and those bicycle seats (their names are Lance, Cadel and Maurice, if you asked), lino collages and much more.

It's on until March 2nd at Edwina Corlette Gallery in New Farm, Queensland, one of our favourite galleries up north.

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