frank halmans houses built of books

by sophie kalagas

Imagine if you could live inside a book. We don't mean in the world of its story, but literally inside, nestled in a cosy little cave that's been hollowed out between the pages. Your wallpaper would be plastered with all sorts of curious stories, and we'd like to think that some of the author's wisdom and knowledge would seep silently into your brain while you slept. Oh, what a lovely life that would be!

They're not quite human-sized, so making them our home would be out of the question (darn it), but Dutch artist Frank Halmans has created a series of awesome mini houses out of bundles of old books. Each pint-sized dwelling has had miniature doors and windows carved into it, and we're a little blown away by the level of detail.

Take a peek at the artist's website for more house-related sculptures.

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