danielle krysa collages

by georgia frances king

When we were in primary school, most of our collages comprised of torn tissue paper (and the occasional dirty tissue) stuck onto a piece of butcher's paper with glitter glue pens. But after seeing Danielle Krysa's snipped, stitched and painted pieces, we're inspired to have a second go.

Her new show called Alleglory just opened, and although it's all the way over in Seattle, that doesn't mean her creations can't be hanging on your wall: you can view the pun-filled collection here.

Danielle also runs a blog we particularly like called The Jealous Curator where she takes you through all of the lovely creative folk she finds on her merry way around the internet. You can have a flick through it here, but be warned: it might be quite a long time before you come up for air.

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