artist interview - georgia perry

Sydney artist Georgia Perry likes colour. Lots and lots of colour. Gazing at her work is like being wrapped up in Joseph's amazing technicolour dreamcoat, and we've gotta say, it's a place we're happy to loll about in for quite a while.

We wanted to find out more about the lady behind these multi-coloured masterpieces, so we sent a few curious questions her way.


What is your name and how old are you? Georgia Perry, 28.

Where were you born and where do you live now? I was born and raised in the red and dusty centre of NSW (in a place called Broken Hill, to be specific) and I now live in the leafy haven that is Elizabeth Bay in Sydney.


How did you get started with this medium? I work in lots of different medium, but most of my work ends up becoming "digital" in some way. Often things start in a very lo-fi way though, using collage, markers or ink, which all end up being scanned and manipulated using the computer.

Please describe the space where you do most of your creation – whether it's your art studio or kitchen bench! I work from the sunroom at my house. It's a small but very bright and colourful (chaotic) space. I'm quickly outgrowing it, but I love working from home. Being able to pop a cake in the oven or do my laundry at lunch time is a very appealing situation to me!

Are there any downsides to the medium? I don't think so. I'm constantly trying to incorporate new materials/techniques into my practice to keep things interesting.


What makes your work unique and truly your own? Colour and energy.

Tell us a little about your creative process. A lot of my work is client-driven, but I'm constantly working on personal projects too. I approach both in a similar way. I normally begin by researching: looking at books, considering artists and designers that I love. I also visit galleries, museums and sketch LOTS. Despite the bold, graphic nature of my work, I also find being near trees and nature helps my brain to think, so sometimes I'll go and think in the park.

How has your style changed over time? I feel that the further you get in life, you begin to see ideas and inspiration in a wider and wider array of things. I think my style has mainly developed and changed through the larger range of experiences I have to draw upon.


What do you wish you knew about being an artist before you got started? That you'll never be able to turn your brain off.

Do you think people need to understand the artist's intention to appreciate the art? Not at all. We don't have to understand something for it to be beautiful.

What is the strangest thing or thought that has inspired a piece of work? A pretty piece of rubbish on the ground, volcanoes, a squashed bug, fish & chip shop typography.

Are there any other mediums that you'd like to experiment with? This year I want to move into more motion/video-based works. But finding the time to do it is the tricky thing!


What's the coolest art tip you've ever received? Don't ever stop looking at the world around you.

What other budding artists do you love? I think they've bloomed already, but I love people like Pat Bradbury and Camille Walala.

Where can we see more of your work? or the other love of my life, instagram @gpez

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