linden eller collages

We’ve come a long way since our childhood collage attempts composed of mushed-up tissue paper and delicious globs of Clag, but Linden Eller has raised the bar to a whole different level.

Using tracing paper, a smattering of stitches and papery materials she’s gathered during her travels, the Arizona-born, New Zealand-based artist makes mixed media pieces that look at the impermanence of memories.

Here’s a little from the maker herself: “The only way a memory can remain pure in its original state is if it is never remembered, because each time we recall something, we change it slightly. My work is about these layers of little alterations, the subject varying between being specifically personal and abstractly collective. Each comes from a strong discipline of looking back and an instinct to keep things.”

We think they’re rather pretty indeed, and if you feel the same way you can pop by her website for more, or pick up a piece for yourself from Linden’s Etsy store.

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