secret garden exhibition

If you ever find yourself chatting openly with your houseplants or gently patting their fronds as you give them their weekly water, you might find this exhibition rather relevant to you. Called Secret Garden, it focuses on the personal relationship between humans and all things botanical – as a source of artistic inspiration, companionship and just being gosh-darn pretty.

Frankie pal Caitlin Shearer has curated a lineup of 20 artists with Melbourne lady Sophia Cai, including a bunch more of our favourite creatives, such as Ashley Ronning, Cat Rabbit and Sandra Eterovic. They’ve whipped up paintings, drawings, photography, glasswork, prints, zines and textiles with a decidedly plant-y theme, all of which will be displayed beside a floral artwork from local studio The Handsome Bloom.

The flower-filled bonanza opens this Thursday October 1st at Schoolhouse Studios from 6pm, and continues at the venue until October 18th. If you can’t make it to Collingwood over the fortnight though, don’t fret – you’ll have another chance to check it out when it moves to the Southbank Library on November 1st.

For more info, pop by the event page on Facebook.

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