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worn stories is a netflix show about what clothes mean to us

worn stories is a netflix show about what clothes mean to us


Memories, self-expression and getting around in the nuddy.

Clothes. We all have them, we all wear them (well, not everyone, but more on that later). But clothes aren’t just for keeping us warm. Our duds can change the way we feel, remind us of good times and loved ones, and help us express our most authentic selves. Worn Stories is a Netflix show about all of these things. Through interviews with a bunch of interesting humans, the eight-episode series explores the intimate connections between what we don and how we live.  

Based on a book by Emily Spivack, each half-hour episode centres around a theme such as 'Community' and 'Survival', and introduces us to a diverse set of characters. There’s a lovely lady and a jumper (gifted to her by a Buddhist monk) that gets her through hard times; a congresswoman with a wardrobe full of dazzling hats; a former club kid who dressed up to defy norms; and a moving insight into what a new outfit means for one man who’s just left prison. Oh, and you’ll also meet a nudist community in the first episode (it's only fair). From the looks of the trailer below, it's a fun and fascinating watch, though you might want to keep a box tissues handy.