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win a pair of jubly-umph socks

win a pair of jubly-umph socks


Keep your cool.

When someone ticks you off, it helps to imagine the satisfying, over-the-top ways you could retaliate. For example, there was that time you could have poured your latte over the head of the dude who cut you off in the coffee queue. Luckily for him, you decided he wasn’t worth the spike in your blood pressure. That makes you a paragon of self-control, and you deserve a reward. So how about these cute (and frank) Didn’t Stab Anyone Today socks, available for $22 from Melbourne accessories brand Jubly-Umph? We’ve also got five pairs up for grabs at our win page.

These rad socks comes straight from the pages of frankie 105. Head here to find your closest stockist, pick up a copy from our online store or subscribe from $65.