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where are they now? a chat with former good stuff winners bad behavior
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where are they now? a chat with former good stuff winners bad behavior


We find out what Bad Behavior hosts Nikila Cranage and Rosalind Anketell have been up to since the podcast won a frankie Good Stuff award in 2021.

For those who may not have heard of your podcast before, can you please give a little rundown of what it’s about? Nikila: Bad Behavior is a podcast for rebellious spirits who aren’t afraid to tackle the taboo. We interview guests about difficult and uncomfortable topics in the hope that we can all have conversations with a bit more empathy and kindness.

Rosalind: In the pod, you join two queer friends who are exploring the big identity questions with curiosity and a lot of fun!

Bad Behavior recently launched its third season. How has the podcast evolved since it began? Nikila: In many beautiful and unexpected ways! It started as Rose and I telling each other the stories of incredible women who inspire us. Eventually, we hyped ourselves up enough to email one of those women for an interview and they said yes!

Rosalind: The podcast completely transformed when we started doing interviews. We ended up completely remaking the show. We were able to dive into topics outside of scope of experience, and be accountable to our own journeys of learning and unlearning. It was the best decision we ever made. And there are so many topics we still want to explore!

What are some of the topics you’re covering in Season Three of the pod? Nikila: This season we’re diving deeper than ever and exploring conversations that echo our own experiences. We chat about compulsory heterosexuality, intimacy coordination in film, humour as resilience, financial literacy, gender euphoria, toxic masculinity, fat-positive nutrition, and answering our listeners’ juicy questions about sex! It’s going to be an amazing season.

What have you learnt about yourself through running the show? Rosalind: I think I’m a lot braver now when diving into difficult topics with new people. I’m happy to say, “I don’t know enough, but this is my impression,” and to be completely wrong. It used to be embarrassing if someone corrected me, but now I’m thankful for it. I’ve learnt so much by being open to being corrected.

Nikila: I’ve learnt to embrace and sit in feelings of uncertainty that come up in these conversations and in my everyday life. I try to be kinder to myself wherever I’m at on my journey of learning and unlearning. I think there is strength in that.

Who is your favourite Season Three guest and why? Rosalind: I loved speaking to Ita O’Brien. She is the Intimacy Coordinator for some of my favourite shows including Sex Education and Normal People. Ita literally wrote the book on intimacy coordination. We spoke to her about how pushing boundaries in art shouldn’t push an actor’s personal boundaries.

Nikila: I did an incredible interview with trans activist, educator and author Nevo Zisin that was absolutely soul-nourishing. Nevo speaks with such empathy and poetry – I felt enchanted by them and their ideas. I love all the episodes we do with queer guests, because it feels amazing to tell stories that I craved as a young queer person.

How did entering the frankie Good Stuff awards and working with one of the judges, Benjamin Law, impact you and your podcast? Rosalind: It was incredible to work with Ben – he was so thoughtful and pushed us to dream bigger. Sometimes you forget how far you have come and to celebrate all the little steps on your journey. We’ve achieved so much since winning the Good Stuff award because of his advice, including signing onto the Diamantina Media podcast network!

Nikila: I’ve read frankie since I was young and going into my local newsagents and buying a copy that featured us was such a surreal moment! Getting recognition for something I’m so passionate about, from a magazine I adore, was wonderful.

Watch this space for updates about the 2022 Good Stuff awards, and tune into Bad Behavior below.