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waterproof onesies for rainy days

waterproof onesies for rainy days


For bubs who love splashing about.

You might say that Rainkoat is a bit of a family business. The sweet, waterproof onesies are inspired by Hobart founder Laura Broomhall’s mum, who whipped up her own versions for Laura when she was a wee one. Before the brand properly kicked off, Laura gifted the protective overalls to her lucky nieces and nephews. And now that she’s selling her wares through (in, rather appropriately, a rainbow of colours), she’s encouraging folks to pass them down from one sibling or playmate to another. Pretty ace, huh?

These overalls come straight from the pages of frankie 102. Head here to find your closest stockist, pick up a copy from our online store or subscribe from $59.50.