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tunesday – stella donnelly's new single

tunesday – stella donnelly's new single


There's a debut album on the way, too.

 stella donnelly old man body

We've been eagerly anticipating Stella Donnelly's next move since her brutally honest 2017 EP Thrush Metal. The Perth native and rising singer-songwriter is quickly gaining international attention for her frank lyrics and folky tunes, and will shortly set off for a world tour across the States, Europe and the UK. Her newest single, 'Old Man', is the first from her forthcoming debut album Beware of the Dogs – and if this tune is anything to go by, it's going to be a good 'un.  ‘Old Man’ pulls no punches – written back in 2017, when the world was watching the #metoo movement, Stella tells the men who've abused their power: "The world is grabbing back at you". Check out the video filmed in Amsterdam below: