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tunesday – bedouine

tunesday – bedouine


Syrian-born muso Bedouine makes super-rad tunes, incorporating ’60s folk, ’70s country-funk and a sprinkling of sounds from her grandmother’s alley.

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There are a few reasons we reckon Azniv Korkejian, aka Bedouine, is pretty damn cool. Firstly, she’s a bit of a nomad, having been born in Syria, relocating as a youngster to Saudi Arabia, then moving to Boston, then Houston, then LA, then Savannah to study sound design, before finally settling back in LA – phew! (This also explains why she calls herself Bedouine; it’s derived from Bedouin, meaning “nomadic Arab of the desert”.) Secondly, the audio-loving lass works professionally in sound, editing dialogue and tunes for Hollywood flicks. (Not a bad day job, eh?) Finally, Bedouine makes frickin’ rad music, incorporating ’60s folk and ’70s country-funk. She even made a soundscape of her grandmother’s alley in Aleppo, Syria for her song “Summer Cold”. Stream it below to hear the bustling atmosphere of traffic, passing donkeys and old blokes playing backgammon. Oh, and if you dig it, you might like to see Bedouine in the flesh – she’s playing a few shows in Australia this week!


Wednesday March 7th – Cake Wines Cellar, Sydney
Thursday March 8th – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne