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tunesday – a chinwag with chanel loren
snap by Olivia Repaci

tunesday – a chinwag with chanel loren


The Sydney-based artist is definitely one to watch.

Emerging R&B artist Chanel Loren has a pretty interesting story. She was born in South-East London and moved to Australia when she was just a teen. Before making the big move, she managed to spend some time studying at the BRIT School in London – an education she shares with a bunch of iconic musos like Amy Winehouse and Adele – and it shows. There’s no doubt that we’ll be delighting our earholes with her tunes on the reg. We recently got to know the singer-songwriter, and found out a little bit about her new single, “Disappear”.

Where have you been writing your new music? If I have a session with a producer, I try to lay down ideas in the studio and then I finish the song at home. I personally prefer to write in my room, but it is nice to bounce energy and ideas with others, too. 

What’s “Disappear” about? It’s about leaving a connection without explanation. We tend to forget that we can leave when we feel unloved. Sometimes waiting for closure is an excuse to stay. 

What do you get up to on your weekends? I like to spend my weekends chilling at home or seeing friends. I try to have a 'me day' where I just relax and unwind, which happens to be on the weekends. 

If you could collab with any artist, who would it be? I have a long list! But off the top… Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and Luther Vandross. 

What has influenced your sound? I’m influenced by myriad things – my culture, my upbringing, the community and media.

How did the move from the UK to Australia impact the music you were consuming as well as your own music? I started to listen to more music to ignore reality. At that time, I wasn't writing or making music, but listening to singers like Erykah Badu and Jill Scott helped me accept my unique voice and work on my craft.

You can also dance and act. Did you grow up in an artistic family? My parents aren't artistic but they are music-lovers. My siblings have their own talents that fit into the entertainment world.

You attended the iconic BRIT School – what was that like? It was fun! I was reserved when it came to creating (I still am), but I enjoyed my time and created long-lasting friendships.

What’s next for you? More music! I’m excited to discover my sound and aesthetic through each song.