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stuff mondays – it sounded better in my head

stuff mondays – it sounded better in my head


Get your paws on this big-hearted read about friendship, unexpected romance and the pains of over-thinking your every move.

If you’ve devoured your stack of bedside reads faster than the sun sets in winter, you’re in a bit of luck – we’re giving away ten copies of It Sounded Better in my Head, a new novel from Melbourne author Nina Kenwood.

The winner of the 2019 Text Prize, It Sounded Better in my Head is a tender tale told from the perspective of Natalie, a high school graduate whose parents have just announced their impending separation, and whose best friends have started hooking up. Basically, nothing in her life is going according to plan – and certainly not when an unexpected romance shakes things up a bit further.

If you love smart young adult titles with super-relatable protagonists, you’re sure to enjoy this tale. Head to the win page to score a copy.