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silk turbans for textured hair

silk turbans for textured hair


Damn Gina’s turbans are designed to keep curls in good nick.

Hollywood movies make it look like an effortlessly sexy ‘do is just one night’s sleep away; actors always seem to wake up with beautifully tousled locks, don’t they? (Exhibit A: Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.) But plenty of us – particularly those with curls or coils – prefer to protect our tresses from the chaotic after-effects of tossing and turning.

This silk hair turban by Melbourne brand Damn Gina is made to do just that. It’s lined with 100 per cent silk, and designed to keep your lovely texture intact while you snooze. How nifty! It also reminds us of something a vintage film star would wear, making it a very stylish way to dress for bed. Check out Damn Gina’s turban range here.