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shake your groove thing

shake your groove thing


Want to learn a party move or two? The legends at Groove Therapy have some handy videos for you. 

The next time you find yourself in a funk, try putting on some tunes and shaking it out. Cutting shapes is a sure-fire way to release some endorphins – not to mention a good way to brush up on your party moves.

If you’re keen to add some new steps to your repertoire, you can now tune into Groove Therapy’s fun online tutorials. The rad dance school is all about getting folks out of their head and into their body, but totally get why you might not want to step into an intimidating dance studio.

Instead, you can boogie in your bedroom, as teacher Vanessa Marian takes you through moves like the running man and the wave. Luckily for you, the videos are free if you use the code GROOVEFAM at the checkout. Happy groovin', friends!