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raise money for kate bush costumes

raise money for kate bush costumes


A Melbourne lass is raising funds to make authentic Cathy costumes for the next Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever.

Once again, the public (that means possibly you) is gathering to dance along to Kate Bush’s iconic 1978 hit “Wuthering Heights”, and embody the British songstress in all her glory.

The next installment in the series of worldwide Wuthering events is scheduled to take place on Saturday July 15th, and a Bush-loving lass in Melbourne is raising moolah to make authentic Cathy costumes. Her name is Katherine Brandenberger, and she’s dedicated herself to analysing the original video clip, frame by frame, to ensure that her red chiffon dress is perfectly billowy and comfortable, too.

Should you choose to donate to this most worthy cause, you can nab yourself a Cathy dress (which comes in lady, bloke and kiddie versions) and/or all the accessories you need to look just like Kate, imploring Heathcliff to come home and let you into his window-oh. The cash raised will also cover the event hosting costs (the Melbourne edition is happening in Kings Domain), and any extra funds will be donated to Safe Steps Victoria to help support victims of family violence.