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photos of soviet spas

photos of soviet spas


These sites of Soviet-era R&R are still functioning today.

As you might have suspected about the former Soviet Union, life behind the Iron Curtain did not involve much holidaying. There was, however, the sanatorium – a regimented spa of sorts, which offered a spot of R&R for workers. (The aim of recuperation was to increase productivity, of course). Many of the buildings are still standing today, and as Michal Solarski’s photos show, remain popular with folks looking to unwind.  Michal visited sanatoriums across Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Crimea, observing visitors soaking, steaming and treating themselves to oddities including the sterilisation lamp, believed to kill fungus and bacteria in the respiratory system. See the full series over here.

michal solarski frankie 5

michal solarski frankie

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