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olana x obus

olana x obus


Take a peek at some dazzlingly bright and fun new threads, courtesy of Obus’s collaboration with artist Olana Janfa.

Are your peepers in need of a pick-me-up? Well, brace yourself, pals, because you’re about to feast your eyes on a whole range of happy-making fashions, courtesy of Obus’s newest range.

The collection is a collaboration between Obus founder Kylie Zerbst and local artist Olana Janfa, whose vibrant paintings have been turned into a several bold prints. Born and raised in Ethiopia, Olana migrated to Norway as a teen before arriving in Australia in 2016, where he first picked up a paintbrush only a year ago (kind of crazy, we know). His distinctively innocent and joyful art pays homage to a childhood spent in Addis Ababa, as well as the bonds between mums and their bubs. Oh, and it looks damn good on fabric, too. You just can't imagine having a bad day in these threads.

obus x olana frankie 2

obus x olana frankie2

obus x olana frankie 3

obus x olana frankie 4