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not into journaling? download adam jk's free activity sheets

not into journaling? download adam jk's free activity sheets


The perfect mix of silly and introspective.

In reading about the habits of successful people, you may have noticed that journaling crops up quite often. Apparently, if you want to be anything like Oprah, it’s important to start your day with a big ol’ brain dump. For those of us who struggle to wake at the crack of dawn (another “successful person” trait), confronting a blank page each morning is no fun. What do you even write about? What if your housemate finds your embarrassing thoughts?

Adam J. Kurtz (aka Adam JK) gets this. By all accounts, he’s a pretty dang successful artist and author. Adam knows there are benefits to documenting your musings with an actual pen and piece of paper, but he’s also smart enough to know that committing to this task is a tall order for us easily distracted, ‘wake up and stare at the screen’ types (ahem, basically everyone).

So, he made his books 1 Page at a Time and Pick Me Up to take the scariness out of journaling. Filled with humorous prompts, encouraging words and a not-overwhelming amount of white space, they're basically journals for people who don’t like to journal. If you’re not totally convinced about this whole ‘writing down your thoughts’ bizzo, but are curious about giving Adam's version a go, we have some good news: he's popped 42 pages from his books up online, and they’re free to download over this-a-way. Hoorah!