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let’s change the world book giveaway

let’s change the world book giveaway


The illustrated board books help parents teach their tots about slow fashion and cutting down on waste.

It’s no secret that young people will have to face some tough issues in the future (the impacts of climate change, rising house prices and that little thing called COVID – just to name a few). And some parents might be wondering how they can talk to their little ones about pressing global problems in a way that won’t make their kids immediately burst into tears.

That’s where writer Megan Anderson, textile designer and illustrator Genna Campton and designer Carolyn Ang come in. Last year, the clever trio decided to create an uplifting lockdown-themed picture book to provide parents and their kiddos with a little positivity. The book then evolved into a series – ‘Let’s Change the World’ – that aims to inspire parents and children to take action to create a better world.

While Zero Waste explores fun ways that families can cut down on litter and food scraps, Slow Fashion highlights why it’s important to make ethical choices when it comes to our duds. If you’d like to peruse the pretty pages with your kids, find a stockist over here. Or, try your luck at scoring a set for nix – we’ve got five to give away on our win page.