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great job! with roz campbell

great job! with roz campbell


A conversation about pads, tampons and using design to do good in the world.

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Sometimes we get the opportunity to ask our creative heroes the big questions: what do they have for breakfast? What’s their favourite dance move? How do they beat self-doubt? And most importantly: how do we get their job?

In our new podcast series, Great Job!, we teamed up with MYOB to pick the brains of four admirable ladies killing it in their respective fields. If you’re in need of some inspiration, business realness and sisterly advice from women who’ve ‘been there’, but are still working on it, you might just like to give it a whirl.

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This week, we sat down for a chinwag with Roz Campbell, an all-round excellent human and founder of the social enterprise, Tsuno. If you’re not familiar with Tsuno, the business’s premise is pretty simple: provide people who bleed with eco-friendly sanitary pads and tampons, then donate 50 per cent of the profits to charities that educate and empower women. Pretty great, huh?

Over the course of 30 minutes, Roz gives us the lowdown on starting a business when you’re still in uni; crowdfunding dos and don’ts; DIY marketing; and what it’s like having a garage full of pads. There’s a whole lot to soak in here (pun intended), so plug in and hit play.

Stay tuned for more Great Job! episodes to come, or catch up on previous chats by clicking below.

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