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get to know the burnt sausages, melbourne's premier bbq-themed band

get to know the burnt sausages, melbourne's premier bbq-themed band


This Melbourne trio serves up punk bangers straight from the grill.

Who are you and what do you do? SNAGZ: We’re Australia's premium BBQ punk band. A voice for the sausages, often overlooked by humans.

Why did you start making music together? Tina Tongs: We all had musical backgrounds that had been sitting on the backburner for a while, and we were already collaborating on weird, DIY art projects. We saw incredible underground bands like Velcro Lobster perform and thought, “Whoa, we could do this!”

What does BBQ punk sound like? SNAGZ: There's lots of shouting about different kinds of sauce. Tina Tongs: And grills. Shouting about grills. SNAGZ: There are dance tracks and panpipes and lyrics about the frustrations and joys of being a sausage.

What can we expect from a Burnt Sausages gig? Johnny Charcoal: Memories that will stain your brain like sauce and meat juice on a paper plate. SNAGZ: You might get hugged by a giant slice of bread. Tina Tongs: The backing track might accidentally get unplugged and then miraculously get plugged in again, and it will seem planned, but it’s not.

What might people be surprised to learn about you? Tina Tongs: We like eating salad more than meat most of the time. SNAGZ: But that makes sense – it would be cannibalism otherwise.

Favourite place to be on a Sunday? Tina Tongs: Coburg trash and treasure market looking for grill parts. Johnny Charcoal: Sorting my bread tag collection by use-by date, then colour. Then going to Bunnings.

Who would you most like to tour with?
Meat Loaf.

What’s the best kind of sausage? Tina Tongs: I'm part Austrian, so I’m partial to a bratwurst with plenty of mustard and sauerkraut. SNAGZ: Your cheapest, burnt-to-a-crisp sausage, dunked in White Crow sauce and wrapped in the thinnest white bread with scrawny onions. Johnny Charcoal: An intelligent sausage. A kind sausage. A sausage who knows how to party, but also how to have some quiet time. There’s a sausage in all of us.

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