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get fancy: three looks in one with clare from cockatoo make-up

get fancy: three looks in one with clare from cockatoo make-up


Highlight your peepers with something sparkly.

Clare Exinger (aka @cockatoomakeup) is a dab hand with a make-up brush. Whether they’re highlighting their peepers with psychedelic colours or recreating a scene from the Untitled Goose Game just below their brow, Clare’s looks are always fun, experimental and pretty dang inspiring. If you’d like to give it a whirl yourself, check out Clare’s three-step tutorial below. Each step is a rad look on its own, so you can stop adding to it whenever you like.

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Clare’s top tips:

- Although you can find small eyeliner brushes these days, I recommend getting either nail art brushes or small brushes from an art shop, both of which I used here. They’re much cheaper and perfect for detail work.

- You can get a much more vibrant effect from powder eyeshadows if you apply them over a white cream base. I normally do this by running a white pencil eyeliner over my fingertip and patting it onto the eyelid.

- Dots are very forgiving. No one knows where they’re meant to go, so you can be a bit messy without it looking like a mess.

- The hardest part about drawing lines is replicating it on the other eye. Just take a deep breath, focus on where you want the line to go, and remember that no one will notice little mistakes or unevenness (especially if they’re 1.5m away from you!).

- Make-up is more fun and freeing when you take the impulse to experiment with a new colour or shape and run with it. It washes off, and you can start again. If doing make-up has taught me anything, it’s that you can do any old thing – if you carry it with confidence, then people will think it’s great.

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