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get fancy: halloween style

get fancy: halloween style


We've taken three super special guest models and transformed them into creepy characters for you to recreate for All Hallow's Eve.

There's a plethora of special effects products available to us for Halloween, but it doesn't have to be all about the evil and gore. Here we've taken three super special guest models - Camilla McKewen, Ruby Jones and Loretta Miller of The Bangin' Rackettes - and transformed them into creepy characters for you to recreate for All Hallow's Eve. Rest assured: we've used minimal special effects so you don't burn all your money on expensive, complicated products - after all, you'll need some pennies to stock your pantry with all kinds of spooky sweets and treats.




white or pale foundation
translucent or blot powder
large powder brush
green facepaint (we used kryolan aqua colour IFG34)
dark pink/light red blush
false lashes
black liquid/gel eyeliner
black pencil eyeliner
small synthetic brush
dark purple lipstick
kryolan fake Bbood
kryolan "fresh scratch"



1. Apply a base of pale or white foundation. You can use actual white facepaint for a more extreme, 'witchy' look. Set it with clear translucent powder or pale blot powder. Then, using your small synthetic brush, apply the green facepaint to the eyes - take it out to the sides slightly, keeping in mind you will be painting black lines on with liquid liner.


2. Use your black pencil eyeliner to draw the eyebrows in and the lines down the sides of the nose, then switch to the black liquid or gel liner to paint winged tips on your lids, and spider web coming out of the side of one eye. This is the one and only time you want a web across your face! Take the liner along the top lid down into a point on the inner corners.


3. Apply black liquid liner or gel liner along the bottom lashline. Take it up to the wing on the top lid, and down into a long point of the bottom inner corner. (Separate to the top line!) From there, use your black pencil eyeliner to draw along the inner bottom rim of the eye, before you reach the tricky part: apply your false lashes.


4. Apply the blush in a long line down the cheekbone and into a point at the front of the face. Up next: the lipstick. Slightly overdraw the Cupid's Bows into two witchy points.


5. Time to get gory with a big drip of blood coming from the corner of the mouth. We used it straight out of the tube, but you can squeeze it onto the end of a makeup brush or the tip of your finger first! Last but not least, Fresh Scratch. It's thicker and more congealed than regular fake blood. We used a teeny brush to apply two scratched under one eye, but there are no rules! Have a play on your hand or another body part first, but remember it's Halloween - the gorier the better.




red facepaint (we used kryolan aqua colour IF079G)
dark/royal blue facepaint (we used kryolan aqua colour IF510)
black facepaint or liquid/gel eyeliner
one small and one medium/large synthetic Brush
small eyeshadow brush
black mascara
white or pale coloured lip/eyeliner (not shown)
rose pink/peach eyeshadow
peach/apricot shade of lipstick

foundation/base makeup
red, black and blue eyeshadows



1. If you want to wear a foundation base around your Ziggy facepaint, draw the lightning bolt design on with the white eyeliner first, then apply the foundation outside the lines on the rest of the face. In fact, it's a good idea to draw the lines on the face first, base or not! Then take your medium or large-sized synthetic brush and apply the red facepaint. You can set the paint with red eyeshadow if you have it. It's not absolutely required, but can help it last longer when you work up a swear trick-or-treating.


2. Add your black 'shadow' using black eyeliner or a black facepaint. Set with black eyeshadow if you have it. And then it's blue facepaint time! use your small synthetic brush to paint on the blue facepaint. (Again, set with blue eyeshadow if you have it.)


3. Use the shadow brush to apply the pink or peach eyeshadow over the whole eyelid and along the bottom lashline. Finally, apply the lipstick, and mascara to both eyes on the top and bottom lashes. Then rock on!




pale blue facepaint (we used kryolan aqua colour IF83G)
dark/royal blue facepaint (we used kryolan aqua colour IF510)
dark/royal blue eyeshadow
black eyeliner pencil or black liquid liner
false lashes
light pink lipstick
latex sponge
small/medium synthetic brush
small/medium eyeshadow brush
a small dish of clean water



1. Use latex sponge and water to apply pale blue facepaint over the entire face (and neck, if you like!). The more water you add to the paint, the thinner it is - we applied a few layers with less water to make a thicker paint and prevent patchiness. Put your false lashes on, then use black eyeliner to draw on eyebrows in the shape below. Once you've got your brows on good and proper, use dark blue facepaint and brush with water to apply the 'eye sockets'. Keep in mind the Corpse Bride has quite round eyes, if you'd like to stay true to character. Take the colour up above the natural socket line, and make it darker near the lash line. It's kind of like using watercolour paints - the colour blends into shape using water as a thinner.


2. Use the eyeshadow brush and the dark blue eyeshadow to 'set' the paint on the eyes. Again, use minimal product on the brush and blend the eyeshadow over the top of the darker blue paint only. (If you are confident you can use the blue eyeshadow to 'contour' the face - sides of nose, cheekbones, etc.) The darker blue facepaint is used to create a shadow under the eyes. Round out the shape at the bottom and leave a thin gap between the lash bed and the inner rim to make the eyeballs look really big. If you have a white eyeliner pencil you can put it on the inner bottom rim of the eye for an even wider-eyed effect.


3. The last steps are the easiest - huzzah! Put mascara on top and bottom lashes, pop on your pink lipstick, and ta-da! You'll be transformed into a decomposing newlywed.


These fabbo makeup tutorials were shot by Kate Berry. Words by Dana Leviston. Kryolan Products are available here.