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frankie’s winter fashion picks for keeping nice, cute and toasty

frankie’s winter fashion picks for keeping nice, cute and toasty


Sparkly twin sets, quilted parkas and feline jeans.

Being cold absolutely sucks. Being cold and looking great? Still sucky. Looking great and feeling nice and warm and toasty? Now, that is where it’s at, my friends. The only way looking fly and feeling cosy could be improved is if you got a discount on the duds themselves, which is where Cashrewards comes in.

We’ve put together a long list of our fave winter fashion picks that offer you between 4 and 14 per cent of the purchase price back into your pocket via Cashrewards (so for example, if you nabbed a jacket from The Iconic for $150, they offer an 8% cashback so you’d get $12 back). It’s a super easy and seamless process. So grab a cup of tea and warm up your scrolling fingers for a little shopping fun time.

pastel butterflies and a fair dinkum knit
We’ve been thinking about these Emma Mulholland on Holiday pink and blue butterfly knit pants for a while and it’s about time we bit the bullet, to be honest. For a jumper to pair with it, we’re thinking this blue Ryder ‘You Beauty’ sweater is the way to go, or if you’re leaning into pink at the moment this Dazie Flower Power jacket looks super fluffy and warm. It’s not often your t-shirt gets a moment in the spotlight during the cooler months, but we love the typography on this Dazie Stay Hydrated oversized tee (and the not-so-subtle reminder to drink a glass of water, you dehydrated possum!)

Cashrewards offers up to 3.5% back on items from The Iconic.

smart layering
There is a fine art to layering in winter. Obviously, you’re going to want to start with some thin layers close to your body so you don’t end up so puffy you can’t bend your elbows. Our pick for first layers are the Uniqlo Heattech crew neck long sleeve t-shirts. For layer two we love a cashmere moment, particularly the Uniqlo cashmere crew neck sweaters in pink, blue, yellow, green or light grey. It’s the closest you’ll get to feeling like a soft, fuzzy duckling in your adult lifetime. The final layer requires extra padding if you’re going to be battling the elements, which is where the Uniqlo Mountaineering Hybrid Down Oversized Parka comes in. The loose boxy shape is what you want when you’ve layered up to the brim.

Cashrewards offers up to 14% back on items from Uniqlo on July 20. From July 21, the rate reverts to 2% cash back. 

candy store sneakers and beast-mode boots
You officially can never go wrong with Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. These ones are made with recycled canvas and they’re a bit of a throwback to the ‘70s with this archival colour – a lolly shop pink. If you’re going for a tougher look than rummaging through a marshmallow-filled pond, let us introduce you to these stompers: the Dr. Martens 2976 Quad boots. They describe the extra thick sole as “aggressive” and that’s just the look we’re after, to be quite frank.

Cashrewards offers up to 4.2% back on items from Platypus.

magic matching suit
For a main character moment this winter, you’ll want to be wearing this midnight magic jacket by Alice McCall. It’s green, sparkly and makes us think of romping through the woods with a bunch of up-to-no-good fairies. Apparently you can wear it as a dress, however I don’t think you’d want to miss out on teaming it with these equally magnificent midnight magic pants.

Cashrewards offers up to 5% back on items from Alice McCall.

cute coats and a pink denim set
Here are two ridiculously fine outer layer options from Ganni: the balloon sleeve quilted jacket and the recycled ripstop quilt quilted oversized parka. They’re both made from 100% recycled polyester and both look 100% cute. Don’t make us choose! If black or “sky captain” (fancy term for navy” ain’t your bag, take a look over here at this blinding denim twinset in various shades of hot pink). Bottom half is the Figni jeans and the top half is the Camy denim jacket – both In “phlox pink”.

Cashrewards offers up to 5.6% back on items from Ganni.

cosy crowns
An uncapped noggin can mean you lose up to 10% of your body warmth – not ideal. We’re thinking this cashmere beanie by Johnstons of Elgin will keep you feeling toasty (and jump on board their cashmere fingerless gloves while you’re at it). Alternatively, if you want ‘summer fun’ vibes with winter warmth, we are loving this Rotate Birger Christensen terry bucket-hat. And if your heater power button is interrupting your snoozing schedule, may we recommend this super cute cartoony silk-crepe eyemask by Anya Hindmarch.

Cashrewards offers up to 15% back on items from Net-A-Porter on July 20-21.

denim days
We like our denim like our posture: with a subtle slouch (thank you desk job). Which is why these relaxed fit, super high-rise pair of Nobody Denim Andi Jeans are doing the job for us (not literally but if anyone knows how to get jeans to become sentient and write articles please tell us). We’re also big fans of their Kindred Dress, which is practically begging for a colourful turtleneck jumper to be slid underneath.

Cashrewards offers up to 4.2% back on items from Nobody Denim.

kitty cat jeans
These Pretty Cats Jeans from Princess Highway have both cats and pockets on them. In fact, they have cats on the pockets! Run, don’t walk. We’d like to pair them with this super cute Fairisle Vest, and live out the librarian fantasy of our dreams (we are the librarians and all the books are ours).

Cashrewards offers up to 7% back on items from Princess Highway.

snazzy sneaks
These Rollie Weekender Green Candy runners scream winter to us with their pale pink, forest green and maroon colourway. The Weekender Chaser runners scream summer to us, but we will do as we please and wear them in winter, because we run our own rules around here.

Cashrewards offers up to 5.6% back on items from Rollie Nation.

dance-ready duds
You know how when you watch a dance choreography video online and you think “maybe if I had those clothes I’d be able to dance like that?” They’re the vibes we’re getting from this Nike over-oversized fleece dance sweatshirt and matching loose fleece dance trousers. Whether you’re body-rolling at a dance class or in your kitchen, this tracksuit will make you feel warm (and cool) while you’re at it.

Cashrewards offers up to 20% back on items from Nike on July 20 and 10% back on July 21-22.

toasty toes
If you’re going on a winter hike, wraps your tootsies in these bad boys from Teva: Women’s Ridgeview Mid. If the only place you’re hiking is from your desk to the kitchen as you work from home, we don’t mind the idea of pairing these Teva Zymic sandals with a pair of thick merino socks. They’re cuter than slippers, and when summer finally decides to grace us with her presence, whip the socks of and strut around in your fancy sandals.

Cashrewards offers up to 7% back on items from Teva.

’70s vibes
The secret to staying warm in winter is to have a pocket of air close to your body, and with the extra room at the base of these Levi’s 70s high flare jeans, your shins will be toasty all day long. For the top half, we’re in love with the Stevie Sweatshirt in bright orange because if you can’t be curled up to a fireplace you may as well pretend to be on fire.

Cashrewards offers up to 5% back on items from Levi’s.

This article was produced with our pals at Cashrewards. Use the code “frankie” when you sign up to get a $20 welcome bonus when you shop from over 2,000 brands and get cash back. Keep an eye out for the special fashion event on July 21 & 22 with offers from fashion brands and take a look at the fashion brands available on Cashrewards here.