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make your own colourful chess set

make your own colourful chess set


Even if you only play board games on rainy days, this colourful chess set will still look sweet in your abode.

Every now and then the old peepers need a break from all those screens. One way to keep yourself entertained while giving your retinas a rest is dabbling in a spot of craft. Another is forcing a member of your household to verse you in a game (no, not a video game – a real-life board game). Sounds fun, right?

And if you’re really in the mood to engage in some old-school activities, you could combine craft and board games by making this DIY rainbow chess set by craft blog A Kailo Chic Life. Not only does it look super-cute, but the process (which you can find here) is pretty simple and only needs a few materials. And if you end up falling back into the habit of staring at screens for too long, at least you’ll have a colourful piece of décor to brighten up your abode.