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chub rub shorts

chub rub shorts


The folks at Snag know how much summer chafing sucks. So, they made some shorts to ease the burn.

How bloody good is it when you find a business with a solution to that very thing you’ve been complaining about forever? In this case, the business is tights brand Snag, and the gripe is that stockings seem to only ever come in two sizes (what’s up with that, mainstream hosiery companies?). Snag on the other hand, has its own wide range of sizing and aims to cater to all bodies. Hoorah! 

They’ve since applied the same philosophy to their cheekily named ‘Chub Rub’ shorts, too. It’s a range of super-cool, breathable shorts that prevent nasty summer chafing, made for wearing underneath dresses and skirts (or however you please, really!). Pretty nifty, hey?