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better days – seung-gu kim

better days – seung-gu kim


Leisure time, Seoul style.

Where do Seoulites go to put their feet up? Photographer Seung-gu Kim followed the crowds during their leisure time – and as it turns out – holidaymakers don’t stray far from home. Saddled with long working hours and short breaks, Korean families often flock to city pools, riverside strips and man-made attractions when relaxation time is in short supply. Seung-gu's photo series Better Days captures the type of organised chaos you might find during holiday season in a city where space is a premium. Have a peek below:

Seunggu Kim 17 body

Seunggu Kim 16 body

Seunggu Kim 18 body

Seunggu Kim 20 body

Seunggu Kim 1620 body