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get a load of these beaded blooms

get a load of these beaded blooms


All your favourite flowers – in bead form.

Who hasn’t dabbled in beading during art class or at a mate’s house? Like us, you probably stuck to the simple stuff: friendship bracelets, earrings and key rings. And you may have learnt one essential fact about beads: those little suckers are fiddly as heck. They’re tiny and likely to roll all over the place. If you’re not careful, you’ll spend half your crafting time chasing them across the floor.

That's why we’re totally gobsmacked by the patience and beading know-how of Ukraine-based maker Liudmyla Trembovetska. Her beaded flower bouquets are super-intricate, and look almost like the real thing; you have to squint to see the little glass beads they’re made of. Though we’re partial to her poppies, she can make any kind of flower you fancy. Check out more of her everlasting blooms over on her Etsy shop FlowerBeadArt.