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an interview with an axolotl

an interview with an axolotl


A quick little chat with...Ella Thompson of Axolotl.

A quick little chat with...Ella Thompson of AXOLOTL.

Is there a story behind the band's name? An axolotl is a type of fish that can undergo many metamorphoses, and we liked the idea of that musically. How did you meet? It's a band of good mates! What genre of music do you consider your tunes to be? When we started this project we wanted to create a new sound, but I suppose if we were to fit somewhere it would be in the electronic/alternative genre. What do you eat for breakfast? Can't go wrong with avocado on toast. Peanut butter or Vegemite? Definitely a Vegemite kid! Where are we likely to find you at 2pm on a Sunday? Probably playing show-and-tell with my friends after going to Melbourne's Camberwell market. Best song to be listening to when stuck on public transport? "Stuck on a Puzzle" by Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys doesn't feel like killing time.

Axolotl are launching their single Garden Lane in early December. You can get more details about that here.


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