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adidas supercolor sneaker giveaway

adidas supercolor sneaker giveaway


Which colour of the rainbow represents you best: light pink? Vivid mint? Maybe a lucky blue?

Every now and then we have a recurring dream that we're walking on a rainbow. Just ambling along on a multi-coloured arc, probably slurping on a soda and patting all the dogs up in the clouds. As far as dreams go, it's one of the good'uns, and we wouldn't be surprised if the folks at adidas have experienced it as well. Their Superstar Supercolor sneaker range has definitely been injected with a touch of ROYGBIV – plus P, M, F and a whole lot more letters until you make it to the full 50 hues up for grabs.

You can nab them in adidas Original stores (head here for the handy shop finder or to grab a pair online), or we happen to have a bunch of pairs to send your way. Entering the draw is as easy as sending your name, address and shoe size here – the hardest part is choosing which colour represents you best. Light pink? Vivid mint? Maybe a lucky blue? Have a squiz at all 50 options, and don't forget to include your choice in the email, too.