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a pastry pin

a pastry pin


Slightly obsessed with baked goods? We have just the pin for you.

Sweet as pie. A pie-eating grin. Shut your pie hole. A finger in every pie. If the English language tells us anything, it’s that we, as humans, have a slight obsession with this crispy-topped, yummy-stuff-filled pastry dish. If you find yourself nodding profusely and drooling at the thought of biting into an ooey-gooey baked good, you may also enjoy this handmade brooch from Sunshine Coast maker Deer Arrow. We have three to give away, worth $55 a pop – head to the win page to throw your pie-loving hat into the ring.

This wearable treat comes straight from the pages of frankie 95. Head here to find your closest stockist, pick up a copy from our online store or subscribe from $59.50.