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a cheeky beret for the cold snap

a cheeky beret for the cold snap


Hats off to Natali Koromoto and her fang-toothed berets.

We’re not usually ones for stirring up trouble, but we do take delight in imagining the unique horreur a super-chic French person may feel seeing these berets. “Oh mon dieu!” they’d exclaim, trying to fathom why anyone would stitch a fang-toothed cartoon face onto a classic symbol of French style and elegance.

Imaginary fashion police aside, we’re rather charmed by illustrator and designer Natali Koromoto’s collection of cheeky wool head-toppers. If you fancy them too, you can choose from a big bunch of colours and embroidered faces, including this ‘Don’t mess with me’ Gaptooth style or a green number featuring a laid-back frog. While beret purists might beg to differ, we reckon Natali's designs are très chic.