colourful laser-cut creations

3:00pm Saturday, 14 Jul.

These laser-cut wood assemblages are all sorts of joyful.

Ideal for any space that could do with two happy cats enjoying mutual appreciation for baked goods.

mini wooden penguins

10:00am Sunday, 09 Jul.

If Pingu didn’t convince you of a penguin’s charm, then these surely will.

joey slaughter paintings

9:00am Tuesday, 20 Dec.

Treat your eyeballs to these colourful artworks, each of which represents a conversation between two people.

wooden baby gym diy

9:00am Wednesday, 04 May.

Whip up a personalised baby pressie (that won’t be snug around their nappy in a matter of weeks).

diy pizza puzzle

3:00pm Friday, 22 Apr.

Nothing fancy here, folks. Just some good old-fashioned pizza cut carefully out of wood for your repeated assembling pleasure.

teeny wooden houses

4:00pm Wednesday, 03 Dec.

Architect Yukihiro Akama makes houses, but they're not quite big enough to live in (unless you'd describe your height as 'Borrower size', that is).

little lumberjack

9:00am Friday, 24 Oct.

There's nothing like decking out your kitchen with swish tools and appliances to make you feel like a bonafide adult

jess quinn's wooden spoon folk

2:56pm Monday, 28 Apr.

Do you have a rabid adoration for inanimate objects sporting knowing looks and winky grins? Does the idea of anthropomorphic kitchen utensils make you tremble like a pot that's about to overflow?

the pencil case collection

2:00pm Wednesday, 09 Apr.

When it comes to having our favourite stationery sculpted convincingly out of wood, we reckon Camille Bernard is onto something great.

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