diy fabric watches

9:00am Wednesday, 21 Sep.

OK, so they don’t tell the time – but wouldn’t it be handy to have a timepiece that’s always set to the hour of lunch?

tinker watches

9:00am Monday, 22 Feb.

Just like in Choose Your Own Adventure books, the Tinker watch experience is all about letting your imagination run wild.


stuff mondays - aark watches

8:00am Monday, 08 Apr.

Does swooning over a watch make us cuckoo? Because we just did, there was involuntary sighing and everything.

watch this

10:00am Monday, 03 Oct.

Made from vintage mechanical watches and customised model figures, each artwork depicts a little scenario (some real, some imagined) of people passing by. Each figure sits on a watch hand so crank them up and they really go!

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