We're having one of those gooey proud sister moments right now. Smith Journal's fifth edition has just hit shelves today, and we feel like giving them a massive high five, followed by a bear hug, followed by a beer.

smith volume two out today

9:00am Monday, 12 Mar.

Do you want to meet our big brother? He's very talented, pretty sleek looking and super spiffy in that 'I've just finished chopping this pile of logs into wood-chips for the fire' kind of way. And his name is Smith Journal.

smith online live

10:00am Monday, 14 Nov.

Smith Journal has a fancy new site! Head on over to read good things about adventure, history, science, D.I.Y, photography, design, arts and life.


2:30pm Monday, 05 Sep.

Well the big day is here. Our first issue of Smith Journal has hit the shelves and is on sale from today.

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