it's a frankie flash sale!

9:00am Thursday, 26 Dec.

Get in quicksticks to nab a frankie 2020 diary and calendar for less than half price.

yo vintage frankie discount

9:00am Friday, 26 Oct.

Oh joy oh joy - new second-hand threads from Yo Vintage! The lovely lass behind this Portland-based vintage sourcer is one of our favourite go-to locations when we need to nab something fabulous in a hurry. And it's even better when it's 15% off for you.

lark online sale

8:00am Wednesday, 27 Jun.

 It's that time of year again: Lark, one of our most beloved little stores, is having their massive three-day winter sale.

sirens swimwear sale

3:00pm Thursday, 22 Mar.

Vintage style cosies that pay homage to ladies like Marilyn, Rita Hayworth and Grace Kelly will never go out of fashion.

opening cermony sale

3:00pm Tuesday, 17 Jan.

As soon as you folks up north end your winter season, we begin planning ours. That means we get to go nuts at sale time!

loving leeloo

2:00pm Friday, 16 Dec.

The lovely lads and lasses at Leeloo are giving away free express post shipping to frankie fans. Christmas = sorted.

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