special edition spaces wallpapers

3:09pm Tuesday, 01 Jul.

Spruce up your digital desktop with a touch of interior awesomeness.

For Aussie snapper Ben Blacket, inspiration comes from no further than from the suburbs where he spends his days.

the photo school

9:00am Tuesday, 17 Jun.

Aspiring shutterbugs, lend us your ears: a brand new photography school is popping up along the east coast this month, and we reckon it's going to be a bit of a doozy.

frankie birthday gallery

4:46pm Friday, 13 Jun.

Here are some extra happy snaps from our party this week: tunes, tipples and sausage sizzle included.

ukraine's tunnel of love

9:00am Friday, 13 Jun.

The words 'Tunnel of Love' tend to conjure up images of swan boats floating along man-made 'streams', but this particular passageway is very different indeed.

igor termenon's edinburgh

9:28am Thursday, 12 Jun.

If you turn up in Edinburgh expecting a city full of haggis and kilts, you might be a tad confused.

andrey timofeev's peaceful snaps

3:00pm Saturday, 07 Jun.

Andrey Timofeev takes pictures of everyday goings-on that are bathed in soothing muted tones and very nice to look at indeed.

everything plus the kitchen sink

3:00pm Sunday, 01 Jun.

Through a regular photography series on her blog, Morgan West introduces us to basins across the world – from Cairo, Egypt to Washington, DC.

a south african family album

3:00pm Friday, 23 May.

For shutterbug Alexia Webster, photos are something that should be given as well as taken. That's why she set up free outdoor photo studios on street corners around South Africa.

how we live

10:05am Wednesday, 21 May.

If this is banal, we don't wanna be anything else.

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