gone swimming

3:00pm Wednesday, 09 Oct.

It's a wearable version of our dream Palm Springs escape! 

new polli jewellery

9:00am Tuesday, 29 Dec.

This is the kind of jewellery range that makes us wish we had a few more body parts to wear them on.

karen walker floral jewellery

9:00am Wednesday, 04 Nov.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that hit the sweet spot in your brain that says, “Yes, I do indeed find this awesome and delightful and wish to wear it around my neck.”

a multicultural boob revolution

3:00pm Friday, 21 Aug.

Forget an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder – this nork-happy necklace is made with one purpose: to be strung proudly around your neck.

boo and boo factory

3:40pm Monday, 14 Jul.

Christina Anton is a jewellery designer who's not afraid of a bit of colour. Or even a whole rainbow of it, splashed around and smooshed together, in preparation for dangling boldly around your neck.


9:00am Thursday, 05 Jun.

The chilly weather is here, complete with sniffly noses and black woolly jumpers, but Tuworkshop has something that will brighten your drizzly days.

animal friends pendant

9:00am Sunday, 25 May.

Deciding between a fox, a bear and a cat really depends on circumstance.

la malconttenta

3:01pm Thursday, 01 May.

We've just discovered the colourful and delightfully patterned world of Spanish ceramics designer La Malconttenta, and we're wishing with all our might that we could jump in and call it home.

teeny tiny treats

9:00am Sunday, 27 Oct.

We're not so keen on keeping our cards close to our chests, but a tub of Nutella is a whole different ballgame.

Phoebe Wyatt turns old tees into sustainable textile jewellery, and we have to say, it's pretty striking jewellery, at that.

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