denmark’s circular villages

9:00am Wednesday, 20 Nov.

The houses in Brøndby Haveby fan out like sunrays.

monstrum’s adventure playgrounds

4:00pm Wednesday, 26 Jul.

Designers, take note: here’s what children’s playgrounds look like in Denmark.

ferm living

9:00am Wednesday, 13 Nov.

Who has time for minimalist decorating when there's so much deliciously patterned goodness in the world?

Martina Zamboni's lived a fairly nomadic lifestyle over the years, but right now she's in the depth of a romance with Copenhagen, so we grabbed the opportunity for a tour of her adopted town.

goodmorningbirds ceramics

10:00am Sunday, 03 Nov.

In Grace Kam's itty bitty land you'll find tall chimneyed houses, families of ducks paddling in circles and moggies prancing about on hot tin rooves.

We thought we could weave our way around the internet well enough to know the whereabouts of the best Danish interior blogs. Well, we were just trumped.

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