sconnie and jam brooches

9:00am Monday, 02 Apr.

Wear your pop culture love on your sleeve (or wherever else you please).

treat yo shelves brooch

3:00pm Saturday, 03 Feb.

We defy you to find a brooch more fitting for a bookworm (or with a better pun).

david bowie tooth brooch

9:00am Sunday, 19 Jun.

And we thought we’d seen every incarnation of Bowie on a brooch.

Stuffing your gob with lolly-covered biscuits is one way to find a pick-me-up, but these Fancy Face earrings by EAT.ME.DO deliver bursts of energy and joy without the sugar coma that follows.

Sport one of Dottie Dolly’s brooches on your lapel, like a pint-sized badge of retro honour.

the make lab

10:00am Sunday, 25 Jan.

The Make Lab is a group of clever Melbourne artists who make pretty bits for you to pin to your collar or string carefully around your neck.

With 'trawling the internet for cool bits and bobs' on her daily to-do list, Assistant Editor Sophie Kalagas has found plenty to ask Santa for this year.

The brooch-loving dame from Romania is back wielding her delicate needle and thread, and stitching up cushy, pinnable goodness for you to fix to your lapel.

peek-a-boo pocket pets

3:08pm Monday, 23 Jun.

What do you keep in your pocket? Change? A ballpoint pen? A whole lot of lint?

Made by White stock a menagerie of animal pals to pin daintily on your lapel, and they're making us feel as jolly as this scarf-clad chinchilly.

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