diy toilet roll holders

9:00am Sunday, 16 Sep.

These handmade toilet roll holders might make trips to the loo a little more delightful.

quiet town shower curtains

3:00pm Thursday, 28 Jul.

Tub time just got a whole lot lovelier.

homemade minty clove mouthwash

9:00am Tuesday, 28 Aug.

Some of our favourite nibbles err on the pongy side, but we’re not ready to give up blue cheese, garlic bread or – God forbid – coffee.

make your own earl grey tea soap

9:00am Sunday, 14 Feb.

Down a cuppa, then have a soak in one, too. 

diy gingerbread scrub

9:00am Thursday, 10 Dec.

Nothing says yuletide merriment quite like your face smelling like a batch of freshly baked gingerbread.

pom pom bath mat diy

9:00am Friday, 06 Jun.

Sometimes the best DIY ideas come to you at the most unexpected times, like when you're mopping up the drips between your toes post-shower.

shower curtain diy

3:00pm Wednesday, 09 Oct.

The shower curtain is rather neglected in the home décor department, and it's about time someone took a stand and showed it a bit of love.

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